GRADUAN Paper Plane Award 2017

GRADUAN Paper Plane Award is an award ceremony pioneered by GRADUAN. We appoint outstanding entrepreneurs from all industries as well as media to be the professional judges, accessing the performance of participating organizations and projects from the perspective of experts. Through these awards, the efforts of these societies in universities are recognized, thus becoming an encouragement for them.

Through GRADUAN Paper Plane Award, a platform is formed for the exceptional organizations and undergraduates to compete positively amongst one another and learn together. Furthermore, it boosts the chances of collaboration between universities and indirectly shaping more future leaders of Malaysia.

The four main objectives and directions of GRADUAN Paper Plane Award:

( 1 ) Brainstorming and positive encouragement. 

( 2 ) Seeking common ground while reserving differences as well as nurturing future talents

( 3 ) Reflective thinking and motivation for enhancement

( 4 ) Self-enhancement and positive competition