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GRADUAN is a youth-based organization, which has a goal in building a better Malaysia and the only way to achieve this is to influence the next generation and foster a younger generation who are knowledgeable, competent and energetic.

The Malaysian Young Graduates Association (GRADUAN) is a registered non-government organization (NGO) with the Registrar of Society, Home Ministry of Malaysia on 15th May 2000 and also a member of the Eight-Major Chinese Based Organizations (EMCO).

GRADUAN former background was known as Patriotic Graduates Volunteers. Before the period of millennium, financial turmoil and political turbulence in Malaysia had a profound impact on the thinking of the youths during that period of time.

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Realising that racial and religious extremism have gradually eroded Malaysian society and system of organisation, a group of aspiring young graduates stepped forward with a strong desire to change the widespread political apathy amongst the youths in Malaysia as well as bringing out their thoughts and ideas. It was aimed to catalyst active participation among young graduates in the process of democracy and change the fate of the nation by influencing the society with knowledge and concrete actions.

GRADUAN that was formed by this group of youths, has a goal in building a better Malaysia and the only way to achieve this is to influence the next generation and foster a younger generation who are knowledgeable, competent and energetic. Since the inception of GRADUAN Malaysia 18 years ago, we have been striving sedulously towards achieving this goal, and throughout the years we have cultivated numerous young leaders who are the cream of the crop in their respective fields ranging from politic, economy, culture to education.

Starting from the Founding President Dato’ Quek Ngee Meng to Dato’ Henry Ong Chi King, Dato’ Rocky Foo Wei Sze and Mr Lee Seang Hock, all of them were expertise of different professions. GRADUAN is able to reach out to and understand the youths in depth through diverse means under their leaderships, thus conveying the thoughts of the youths to the nation’s leaders.

Under the leadership of current president, Mr Lee Seang Hock, GRADUAN realises that the future is getting more uncertain and that change is inevitable, the youths today must strive to adapt and get comfortable outside their comfort zone lest be ousted from competition. Hence, GRADUAN established the slogan “Professional Graduates, Global Perspectives” with the intention to equip youths with better capabilities and wider horizons.


What We Do?

Until today, GRADUAN has established engagement and partnership with nearly 60 student organisations from more than 40 public and private universities all over Malaysia. GRADUAN has as well founded GRADUAN Alliance which is joined by 32 university organisations in 2017. There are 3 flagship events held by GRADUAN, which are “GRADUAN National Inter-Varsity Cultural Camp”, “GRADUAN Paper Plane Award” and “GRAD+ Workshop”

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Flagship Projects

GRADUAN National Inter-Varsity Cultural Camp

About NIVC

GRADUAN National Inter-Varsity Cultural Camp (NIVC) provides a platform for the leaders and elites from diverse university organisations all over Malaysia to gather and foster the relationship amongst one another through interaction and mutual learning, whilst enhance the leadership quality and team spirit of student leaders. By participating in NIVC, the youths would have the opportunity to enhance their understanding towards current affairs and thus inheriting the spirit of traditional Chinese culture.

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Since the inception of NIVC in 2015, its footprint has now spread throughout Malaysia, and the previous campsites have all been chosen meticulously (2015 – Penang, 2016 – Bentong, Pahang, 2017 – Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, 2018 – Bintulu, Sarawak), with the objective to allow the participants to experience diverse local cultures as well as gaining a deeper insight on the uniqueness and diversity of the community in Malaysia. The number of participants in NIVC for the past four years has now exceeded 1000, with those from more than 40 public and private universities all over Malaysia, primarily the young leaders and elites from different university organisations.

GRAD+ Workshop

About GRAD+

GRAD+ Workshop (GRAD+) is organised by GRADUAN Malaysia with the aim to impart knowledge and professional training to the young leaders in universities for them to transform into well-rounded leaders and elites who are competent of contributing to the society. GRAD+ provides a quality interactional platform to enhance the overall quality and experience of the university events and organisations, meanwhile foster professional elites who are capable of thinking comprehensively from all aspects to make the development of society more advanced and progressive.

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GRADUAN would invite cross-disciplinary societal leaders and professionals to share diverse kinds of knowledge with the participants, such as those related to communication skill, cultural art, data management and project management at every series of GRAD+ Workshop in order for the undergraduates to enhance their self-value and get themselves prepared for the challenges ahead in this new era. In addition, GRAD+ has been making in-depth discussion on the future developmental agenda of the country by providing constructive opinions from the perspective of a youth. GRAD+ has been conducted successfully in more than 30 public and private universities across Malaysia with thousands of participants joining, which in turn has created a knowledge-based atmosphere in the campus.

GRADUAN Paper Plane Award


GRADUAN Paper Plane Award is GRADUAN’s first award event to appraise outstanding societies and events carried out by undergraduates across the nation. The panels were extinguished personnel invited from different industries to assess the performance and the quality of events carried out by the participating organisations. The corresponding award is presented to the organisation or event which stands out amongst the others, it aims to recognise the excellent performances of university organisations and events in various fields, meanwhile providing encouragement and acknowledgement to them.

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Through GRADUAN Paper Plane Award, eminent university organisations and students will nominate themselves to various categories of award, creating a platform for healthy competition and mutual learning. GRADUAN Paper Plane Award plays a significant role of gathering all the talents, allowing the graduands to continuously enhance and improve themselves throughout the process in order to unleash the best potential of all. The 1st GRADUAN Paper Plane Award was held on 26th of May 2017 with 61 university organisations and 89 events taking part in the nomination, while a total of 17 organisations and 20 events were shortlisted.


Brainstorming and positive encouragement.
Seeking common ground while reserving differences as well as nurturing future talents.
Self-reflection and enhancing motivation.
Self-enhancement and positive competition.


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GRADUAN Alliance

GRADUAN Alliance was officially established on 19th October, 2017. The formation of this alliance was initiated and called by Persatuan Graduan Muda Malaysia (GRADUAN), and joined by 32 student organisations with more than 10,000 associate members from different public and private higher learning institutions across Malaysia.

The purpose of GRADUAN Alliance is to create a resource sharing platform, enhancing networking within its members, to cultivate talents and creativeness among youths.


In November 2017, an idea to form Koperasi Graduan Muda Kebangsaan Berhad (KoGRAD) was conceived, followed by the establishment approval by Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) on 7 August 2018 where subsequently a modus operandi was formed. KoGRAD was officially launched by YB Tuan Mohd Redzuan Yusof Minister of Entrepreneur Development on 22nd September 2018. KoGRAD was established with the aim to enhance the competitiveness and entrepreneurship skills among young graduates with the aspiration of producing competitive, innovative and creative young graduates who are financially independent. KoGRAD is also seen as one of the new initiatives to enable GRADUAN to spread its wings wider and stronger besides achieving greater heights.