Tatung University 40-Day Programme




Our 3 new Exco, Tan Chun Yung, Lim Wee Zheng and Tan Chze Ping and 5 members of Graduan Alliance who were recommended by Graduan are now at Tatung University for the 40 days programme.

Graduan encourage undergraduates to explore and actively participate in different kind of activities organized by communities so that they can prepare themselves for future opportunities of contributing to the society.

Being realised that youths act as the torch-bearer of our country, GRADUAN never miss an opportunity to empower our future nation-building blocks. Therefore, GRADUAN has collaborated with Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation to send the members of GRADUAN Alliance to Taiwan for a 40-day learning programme at Tatung University. The participating youths had an opportunity to gain a deeper insight on the local culture of Taiwan as well as to cherish its beauty, learning to be more appreciative. On top of that, they got to enhance their knowledge on the topic of marketing during the entire learning journey. Through the programme, it is with confidence that they can enhance the competitiveness of service sector in Malaysia in a long run in the process of nation-building.

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