Second Round Table Meeting


Date: 20th January 2018

In line with the aim of GRADUAN Alliance to empower young graduates and youths with knowledge and skills, we had our second roundtable meeting to foster the sharing of valuable and beneficial knowledge and experiences among one another. 20th January 2018 also marked a significant day when Jasmine magazine has officially become the media strategic partner of GRADUAN Alliance. This is indeed a prominent platform for the effort of the youths in diverse private and higher learning institutions to be recognized by more members of the public from all walks of life in Malaysia.

马来西亚大专青年社团联盟 (大专青联)于1月20日进行了2018年度第一次圆桌会议,成员单位代表谈论了关于大学活动商业化及学生代表会之角色的相关课题。较后,大专青新任法律顾问麦嘉强律师在会上分享了对国民团结与种族关系的历史背景及各种看法。

同时,大专青也在晚间举办了新春大团拜,大家一同相聚提前欢庆佳节,特别感谢大专青名誉顾问拿督斯里David Yeat 叶绍全、青创会副总会长拿督薛国诚、特别嘉宾刘博文及马来西亚中国留学生联合会也前来与大家参与盛会。


GRADUAN Alliance members had the first Round Table Meeting of 2018 on 20th January and the meeting focused on main issues of students associations. Newly appointed GRADUAN Legal Advisor, Mr. Mak Kah Keong also shared his knowledge and insight on national unity and racial harmony to our members.

On the same night, GRADUAN Alliance members also enjoyed early celebration of Chinese New Year together, special thanks to GRADUAN Honorary Advisor Dato’ Sri David Yeat, PUMM Vice President Dato’ See Kok Seng, Special Guest Mr. Ben Liew and Malaysia China Student Association for spending precious time with us.

Besides that, it is a historic moment where we appointed Mr. Mak Kah Keong as our Legal Advisor and signed a MoU with Jasmine Magazine as official media partner (represented by Mr. Eric Chan), witnessed by Dato’ Sri David Yeat. Thank you very much for accepting our invitation, we believe stronger cooperation will lead us to another new peak!

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