Who we are

Persatuan Graduan Muda Malaysia or known as GRADUAN is a youth organization registered with the Registrar of Society, Malaysia. We aim to empower youth graduates with knowledge and skills in pursuit of progress towards a successful career, entrepreneurship and nation-building. Through a series of initiatives, we guide students to become elites both locally and globally, aligned with our slogan: Professional Graduates, Global Perspectives. The core values that drive our organization are:

  • Mutual Respect.
  • Stewardship integrity Leadership Unity.
  • Teamwork Diversity.
  • Pluralism Flexibility.
  • Adaptability.
To empower and synergies knowledge and skills in pursuit of progress and excellence towards career , entrepreneurship , and nation building.

Skill and Knowledge

Individual knowledge and skills here would strongly denote the human potential that basically is the human capital of the knowledge economy.

Career Development

Career to denote the development and progress of the individuals in their respective areas or industries.


Entrepreneurship refers to the individual astute commitment towards the nation’s progress and growth through their respective involvement in the industry.

Nation Building

Nation building refers to the orientation towards becoming a good citizen of Malaysia who is actively concern with the community welfare and national well being on the whole.

Our Project

how. this. work

  • Ideation

    All impactful endeavors originate from an idea which is impactful, noble and realistic. The process of thought is treasured and kindled into working plans and action plans.

  • Proposal

    Putting the idea into concept papers and presentation, to tackle specifically from a perspective challenged by reality.

  • Incubation

    A crucial stage to test, prototype and refine the proposed ideas. Guided by professional mentors consist of experienced individuals whom are masters in various industries.

  • Realization

    Final stage where the incubated idea takes flight into concrete innovations and solutions after being prototyped and tested with users.


with eminent people

GRADUAN members are constantly in touch with inspiring figures, masters of trade and influential leaders today. Get inspired with insights from various industries that will surely provide just the edge you need to be an outstanding youth talent of today and the future.

Project Incubation

A delicate process of having your ideas validated and revisited by our panel of GRADUAN mentors. Our mentors comprise well-respected and experienced individuals whom will guide you in your journey to materialize your ideas.